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Our Approach


Welcome to USA Ballroom! We are a professional dance studio in Red Bank, NJ, that offers dance lessons and socials to help you get in the groove and become more confident. Whether you prefer private lessons or dancing as a group, we can teach you how to float around the ballroom with the band or take control of any dance floor with your impressive Latin moves.

If you are looking for ballroom dancing lessons in Red Bank, we teach several styles of dancing. Whether you want salsa lessons or the swing is your dance of choice, we can teach you how to recognize the right beat and move to the music. Our Latin dance lessons can teach you how to be sultry and sexy as well as graceful and fluid.

A dedicated dance studio, we offer you the chance to show off your mad new dancing skills with Friday night socials. Whether you are a couple or a single, we are happy to teach you how to dance and help you improve your confidence. Lessons are easy, fast, fun and appropriate for all age groups.

Open Monday through Friday from 12:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m., we are committed to you and helping you improve your life. We also offer Saturday appointment hours for your convenience. From group sessions to private dance lessons in Red Bank, trust USA Ballroom to teach you how to dance and help you reap the benefits of moving with the music.


USA Ballroom instructors are classically trained, but we also enjoy having fun! We do not take dance so seriously as to turn it into a job, rather we view dance and movement as an artistic expression of life, and the beautify and grace personified by the human body in motion.



Whether a beginner or seasoned dancer, USA Ballroom approaches each client as a unique, special person because dance is personal and very subjective. We absolutely love dancing and its our mission to allow yourself to become immersed in the experience, truly enjoying yourself.

Classically Trained

Teach From Experience

USA Ballroom Dance Instructors have often danced for decades at the highest levels of competition and dance achievement, both locally and nationally. You will be taught correct fundamentals, but we also give you the flexibility to simply enjoy yourself and dance with your own personal expression.


Get Lost in the Moment

We all live such busy lives. Dancing will be an outlet to not only learn something completely new, but forge lasting memories and experiences you can look back on for years to come, while simultaneously leaving burdens at the door and letting loose, getting lost in the moment of fun while having one heck of a work out.

Our Story


The beginning

TJ's Story: In his teens, looking for work after he graduated from high school in Knoxville, Tenn, T.J. Matthews saw a help wanted ad for what he thought was a fitness club and decided to apply. What he found instead was a dance studio. It didn't seem like a natural fit, but the alternatives, farming or warehouse work did not appeal to him. He was persuaded to stay and learn ballroom and latin dancing. Shortly after he started working in the dance industry he was set up with a pro partner and they took 2nd place at the Fred Astaire Rising Star Nationals and took 1st honors at the Southeastern Dancesport Championships.  Everybody likes to do something they’re good at, and Matthews quickly fell in love with dance.

From Championships to Teaching

Brian's Story: After high school, Brian moved from Knox, Indiana to Ft. Wayne, Indiana to attend college. He took a job at a local Steak and Shake to make ends meet. While there, he was discovered by the president of the local Fred Astaire dance studio in Indiana. He worked there for 2 years and then got recruited to move to Florida where he studied under one of the top Fred Astaire owners in the world. Shortly after moving, he was set up with a pro partner and they took 3rd place in the United States Fred Astaire Championships. While at a competition in Las Vegas, Brian met TJ, who encouraged Brian to move to New Jersey. It was a great fit! They  opened up their own dance school, USA Ballroom, in 2011 and it has been thriving ever since!

Moving Forward

Brian and TJ are committed to helping all of their students fall in love with dance, either recreationally or competitively. The staff at USA Ballroom is very grateful for the thousands of happy clients over the years and the wonderful reviews they give us! Thank you!

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