Red Bank Ballroom Dance Lessons

At USA Ballroom, we offer professional ballroom dancing lessons in Red Bank, NJ that are easy, fast and fun. Whether you are going to your first dance or preparing for your grandchild’s wedding, we can teach you how to move with the music.

We offer wedding packages to prepare you for that first beautiful dance, or we can teach you how to dance as a couple so you can enjoy more interesting date nights. We offer a free complimentary dance lesson, and you don’t even have to bring a partner with you.

With our private dance lessons, we can help teach you how to dance the Rumba, Foxtrot, Waltz, or any other dance you may want to learn. Join us for Friday night socials to practice your impressive new skills or take private lessons while you become comfortable with your new moves.

Our dance studio is passionate about dancing and committed to our students. We will help you learn how to dance, and you will be amazed at the benefits of dancing. Come by today and learn more about our private lessons, social parties, wedding packages, competitions, and Dancing With the Stars Experience!

We Offer The Following Types Of Dance:
• Swing
• Bolero
• Cha-Cha
• Mambo
• Merengue
• Salsa
• Bachata
• Hustle
• Jitterbug
• West Coast Swing
• Samba
• Jive
• Paso Doble
• Waltz
• Foxtrot
• Viennese Waltz
• Quick Step
• Peabody
• Polka
• Country Two-Step
• Lindy Hop
• American Rhythm
• American Smooth
• International Latin
• International Standard
• Cabaret
• Theater Arts
• Charleston
• Shag
• Boogie Woogie
• Wedding Dance
• St. Louis Shag
• Night Club Two Step
Private Lessons
We offer private lessons for couples and singles. No partner necessary.

USA Ballroom