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USA Ballroom is a Red Bank, NJ based latin and ballroom dance studio. We are dedicated to the art of dance and are committed to helping our students realize their goals. We enjoy the relationships that are built here as well as watching our students reap the benefits of learning how to dance. By enrolling in lessons at USA Ballroom you will become more confident, learn how to move with the music, and how to take command of the dance floor, all while having a lot of fun!

About Our Studio


Our dance studio offers instruction on all types of dance. We will teach you how to find the beat, how to move along with the rhythm, and how to communicate with your partner.

We offer dance instruction in Salsa, Latin, Tango, Rumba, Foxtrot, Cha Cha, and many other dance styles. Whether you want to learn the Samba or have dreamed about taking control with the Bolero, trust us to teach you the moves and help you move gracefully. We even offer lessons in the Waltz, Hustle, and Swing; so you can dance along no matter what the band is playing.

Get off the wall and out onto the dance floor at your next social event. Whether you are a bride and groom preparing for the wedding, or a teenager who wants to impress his date at the big dance, we can help you learn how to move with the music!
Call us today at (732) 933-1300 to learn more about our group dance classes, private lessons, and Friday night socials.


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Talented & Professional


USA Ballroom employs extremely friendly, fun-loving, award winning (national & local) dance instructors.

Strengthen Relationships


USA Ballroom isn’t just a “dance studio”. It’s a place to experiencing new things and people in a healthy, positive environment. Whether you want to try something new, get a great workout, or have fun in a group setting, USA Ballroom is the place to do it. Our community is a tight-knit family and we accept people of all skillsets, from beginners to national competitors.


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The most talented people in their field. Welcoming and Comfortable, fell like you are dancing and learning with family. Start today you will be happy you did. !!!! XOXO

Victoria DiTomasso, Verified Google Review

My fiancee and I took an introductory class here on a whim and loved it. We immediately bought a package of classes. The teachers are fantastic. JayJay has taught us so much in such a short amount of time and is always vibrant and fun. Each week, we looked forward to coming, getting a workout, and learning some new moves. It’s been a wonderful experience and I urge anyone unsure to take the plunge.

Jimmy Timmons, Verified Google Review

Ready To Dance?


Welcome to the official site of

USA Ballroom

We are the premier ballroom dance organization in Monmouth County, and we do everything we can to support our members in their dance journeys.

We offer classes and workshops, practice space, a one-on-one mentorship program, and the opportunity to compete. We are a fun-loving, social group that welcomes all new members — no partner or prior dance experience necessary to join!

We believe that anyone, at any age or level of experience, can easily pick up and fall in love with ballroom dance. In fact, many of our current members had never danced a step before joining!

Our mission is to promote ballroom as an exciting competitive art form, an outlet for creative expression, and a gateway to an amazing dance community.


Our ballroom program has a 5-part structure:

• Classes • Practices • Community • Mentorship • Competitions

We believe that all of these form a holistic approach to ballroom dance training, enabling every dancer to pick and choose what they need most at any time.

Participation in each part of the program is completely voluntary – put in as much time as you wish!


Styles and Dances
There are 19 competitive ballroom dances and numerous social dances. The competitive dances are divided between the International styles and the American styles, which are further divided into International Standard, International Latin, American Smooth, and American Rhythm.

The International styles are the ballroom standards that are recognized worldwide, while the American styles are danced almost exclusively in the United States.

There is one syllabus, or set of recognized figures, used worldwide in the International styles, while there are several different officially recognized syllabi in the American styles. While we do not offer classes in the American styles, many of our dancers compete in the American styles in addition to the International styles.

International Waltz
International Tango
International Viennese Waltz
International Foxtrot
International Quickstep

International Cha Cha
International Rumba
International Jive
International Paso Doble
International Samba

American Waltz
American Tango
American Foxtrot
American Viennese Waltz
(American Peabody)

American Cha Cha
American Rumba
American Swing
American Bolero
American Mambo

Couples compete against other couples with the same level of experience. These are the levels available at collegiate competitions:

Newcomer / Pre-Bronze
Beginner / Bronze
Intermediate / Silver
Advanced / Gold
Championship / Open

Generally, only people who have competed for less than 6 months are considered Newcomers. Newcomer through Gold are “Syllabus” levels and must adhere to a syllabus of figures designated for each level. Novice, Pre-Championship, and Championship are “Open” levels, for which there is no set list of figures.

Beyond collegiate competitions are higher-level Amateur competitions, “Pro-Am” competitions in which an Amateur student dances with a Professional dancer, and Professional competitions such as the Blackpool Dance Festival, where the best dancers in the entire world compete.

Social Dancing

Experienced ballroom dancers should be able to lead—or follow—any other ballroom dancer. That is why our team believes that social dancing is a key component of our program. There are a variety of dances that fall outside the competitive sphere and are exclusively danced as social dances.

Argentine Tango
West Coast Swing

Social dancing is usually available at competitions in the form of a team match or general dancing between events. Our club offers a social track that focuses on New York Salsa, as well as occasional outings to social dance events and workshops in other social styles. Social dancing is a large part of the social scene in USA Ballroom, and it’s a great bonding experience—learning to lead and follow without set choreography will only improve your dancing and trust in your partners!

USA Ballroom
USA Ballroom instructors are specially trained and certified and can put you in touch with today’s most popular dances to make you a comfortable social dancer or a competitive hobby dancer. The choice is yours and we’ll help you achieve it because each lesson is taught step-by-step at your own pace. Over 40 million students taught worldwide.

Wedding Programs
It is our experience that every couple has different needs, preferences and time schedules but everyone has the ability to be a good dancer with enough time. Wouldn’t it be great to have the romance of dancing for the rest of your lives together! We can put something together that is uniquely yours.

Gift Certificates
Any occasion is the perfect occasion to give the gift of dancing to your friends and family. USA Ballroom are guaranteed to have the right gift certificates that are designed to treat the recipients to the world of Ballroom & Latin Dancing.

About Us
USA Ballroom is the world’s leader when it comes to ballroom dance instruction. USA Ballroom has grown to a worldwide network of many studios in Monmouth County. With that proud history, we offer personalized instruction at our Monmouth County, franchise.

There are private and group dance lessons. Lots of opportunities for healthy exercise and socialization for adults and youths, couples and singles. You don’t need to bring a dance partner to learn to dance with USA Ballroom. Our trained instructors use the USA Ballroom Method to teach more than basic dance steps. We want to give you the skills so you can start dancing and won’t miss any social opportunities. The fun starts now.

What We Offer

Learn to Dance Red Bank NJ

Join us for classes in a variety of ballroom, Latin, smooth, standard, rhythm and county western dance styles. Don’t miss another dance. Call today!

Wedding Programs
Learning to dance for your wedding is the gift a couple can share and savor forever. Let us help you prepare for that first wedding dance and beyond. Don’t delay. Call now!

New Student Offer
Learning to dance can change your life. Whether its ballroom or Latin, swing or smooth, we can show you how. Invest in yourself. Check out our new Student Offer.

Interested? We would love to hear from you. Submit your questions here or send us an email at usaballroomnj@gmail.com and a board member will be in touch with you shortly.

In the meantime, stay in touch through our various social media channels, or learn more about how to join!

“I’ve been dancing here since I first decided to learn last August, and I can’t see myself stopping anytime soon. I was originally seeking out salsa lessons just to learn a new hobby. But not only have I learned that, I enjoy all types of ballroom. I have also become part of a community and I’ve developed a very real passion. If you’re interested in learning to ballroom dance, there is no better place to do so than at the USA Ballroom Monmouth County location!”
– Facebook

“Great place to get lessons with very knowledgeable and friendly instructors! You really do get what you pay for when you come here.”
– Facebook

“I love this place! Great people, great staff! They are very patient with us, and are working with us, on our wedding dance. We both have 2 left feet, but with their help, we look fantastic! This is the ONLY place to come to!”
– Facebook

“This adventure started with me planning to take my girlfriend for dance lessons for Valentine’s Day. We went into and met with the owner, filled out a form about our background and then any questions. Our instructor was patient and fun, especially since we had no clue what we’re were doing. The entire staff was great. They asked if this was something we wanted to continue and we said we would think about it for the future! But we love this place I would recommend it, dance is fun and so is this place.”
– Facebook


Dance Lessons for Singles & Couples

USA Ballroom instructors are specially trained and certified and can put you in touch with today’s most popular dances to make you a comfortable social dancer or a competitive hobby dancer. The choice is yours and we’ll help you achieve it because each lesson is taught step-by-step at your own pace.

Your trial class is on USA Ballroom!

Dance Lesson Programs
Ballroom & So Much More!


You only have one first dance. Let USA Ballroom Wedding Consultants make your first dance a memory to cherish for a lifetime!

Get off of the sidelines and join the fun! USA Ballroom’s social Monmouth County dance programs will have you dancing in no time. Leave the sidelines behind!


Let USA Ballroom Competitive programs take your dance hobby to the next level. Our instructors compete nationally and internationally.

Our USA Ballroom
First Dance Experience
Our friends and family were beyond impressed! In just 5 dance lessons we were able to take simple steps to another level. Our lessons not only made our wedding a night we will never forget, but we now have tools to apply to social events and our friends weddings.
Jaime & Lauren USA Ballroom Students

Try a Complimentary Dance Lesson

USA Ballroom in Central New Jersey
Dance Classes Offered
Located in the heart of New Jersey, USA Ballroom offers dance classes in ballet, tap, jazz, street hiphop, preschool, modern, contemporary, acrobatics and broadway theater. We offer classes for all ages starting at 2 1/2 to Adult. Our goal is to develop young dancers physically, mentally and artistically. We challenge, train and inspire each dancer. Because helping a dancer find their perfect rhythm and create art with their body, is our passion. So, are you in the Monmouth County area? Come check out our Monmouth County locations. We have studios there!

Professional Dance Education
USA Ballroom Educators are a talented, diverse and experienced team committed to your dancer’s education. A talented, diverse and experienced team committed to your dancer’s education. Get to know them! Their passion and enthusiasm for the arts may inspire you!

Annual Concert
USA Ballroom dancers perform in full costume at our large end of season concerts. Consequently, our concerts are unique because they include a combination of all levels of dancers. As a result it creates a professional Broadway-esque show. Concert direction, by our esteemed Concert Director, a graduate of the prestigious Julliard School. USA Ballroom crafts artistic and professional concerts that wow audiences every year.

So, we invite you to peruse our website! Come learn about the many dance and performance opportunities at USA Ballroom. We take pride in providing expert dance education in a welcoming and friendly environment. Join us for a class and become a part of the USA Ballroom family.

Our Commitment
USA Ballroom is a team of passionate teachers, inspiring students to perfect their technique and perform with joy. By sharing the gift of dance, therefore, we encourage personal growth and foster a spirited community. We want to bring out the potential in everyone!

USA Ballroom
Stay Informed of Dancing in Monmouth County
Calendar – visit the Monmouth County area dance calendar
Newsletters – sign up for the weekly newsletters
Facebook – join the Monmouth County Dance group

New Dancers
New dancers contact us at USA Ballroom for information on what are the best dance classes for you to start with depending on your interests. Here are some beginning classes you can take.

Dance Classes Via College Community Education
Throughout the year, you can take a variety of dance classes in a 4 or 6 week series designed for new dancers to introduce you to different dances. The dance series usually start in January, April, June, July, September and November.

Argentine Tango
Learn the elegant Argentine tango as danced in Monmouth County. While Argentine tango is among the most sophisticated of dances, this class is surprisingly easy, because tango is danced slowly, giving you enough time to think about what you are doing.

Contra Dancing
Learn how to contra dance, among the easiest and most sociable of dances. Contra dancing is one of the best ways to start social dancing, because you only need to follow directions, like circle left and circle right. All new dancers should try Contra dancing so you can experience the fun of dancing right away.

Hustle Dancing
Learn the Hustle! Among the most exhilarating dances. This is the dance that came out of the Disco era. You dance this to popular music with a strong, steady beat.

Israeli Folk Dancing
Dance to a higher purpose, enjoy great music, make new friends, get some exercise, experience Israeli culture and have a fun time. Israeli dancing is like line dancing and international folk dancing, and many Israeli dances are done in line dancing and international folk dancing. Most Israeli dances are done in a circle. There are both partner and group dances. I think Israeli partner and circle dances are among the most fun types of dancing, because the music is beautiful and you get to move in variety of ways that you do not get to do in other types of dancing. Join our on going Israeli Folk Dance sessions any time.

Line Dancing at the Senior Center
Year round line dancing during the day at the Senior Center. Keep your mind, body and soul healthy by staying active. Have fun, learn to dance, exercise, get out of the house, enjoy the music and meet people.

Salsa Dancing
Learn beginning salsa dancing, have fun moving to Latin music and get introduced to how to dance with a partner.

Swing Dancing Lindy Style
Learn lindy-style swing dancing, the most versatile of all partner dances, because of the amount of opportunity you have to dance swing. You can dance swing to much popular music. In this class you get to enjoy the great swing music from the classic era of big band swing. There are a variety of different types of swing dancing, such as lindy and west coast swing. While there are differences in style, all swing dancing is swing dancing, with the same fundamentals. You can apply the basics to you learn in this class to all types of swing.

West Coast Swing
Learn the popular west coast swing dance. West coast swing is done to slower tempo music, in many different genres such as blues, country, folk, jazz, pop and soul. West coast swing is a subset of lindy style swing and a relatively easy dance to learn since the music is slower, giving you time to think.

Many Other Dance Programs
See the USA Ballroom Dance Groups page for a list of dance groups you can attend.

You have many other dance programs to choose from as well, including aerial arts, ballroom dancing, Brazilian forro and capoiera, English country, international folk, Irish set, latin, Scottish, vintage waltz, zydeco and more. Sign up for the newsletters and check the calendar to stay informed.

Join USA Ballroom group on Facebook Follow USA Ballroom on Twitter

Professional Instruction In Ballet, Tap, and Jazz

USA Ballroom Offers technique and performance classes in Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop and Contemporary. Beginning, intermediate and advanced class levels are offered for most classes starting at age three with the Preschool Ballet/Tap and continuing thru to adults. Students are encouraged to take at least two Ballet technique classes per week. By taking twice a week student’s progress at a faster rate and technique is established rather than just learning routines. Once a week classes are available in Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz, Beginning Adult Ballet and Contemporary. All classes are limited in size. Although our professionals teach the majority of the ballet classes personally, she is joined by qualified staffs that have your child’s best interest at heart; Jr. & Intermediate Hip Hop and Contemporary & Ballet Instructor. For class placement, each dancer’s age and ability is taken into consideration to ensure that they are placed at a level where they will have the greatest achievement potential.

USA Ballroom is centrally located at Monmouth County; the air-conditioned studio complex consists of two large spacious well-lit studios, one smaller studio, male & female dressing rooms, administration offices and a workshop area. The ample waiting-room is equipped with large one-way mirrored observation windows. Comfort and safety of our students is taken into consideration with a specially designed dance floor with “floating” system that prevents impact injuries to bones and muscles. The studio also boasts a large convenient lighted parking lot.



IN Monmouth County

USA Ballroom is dedicated to bringing world-class Ballroom and Latin dance classes to Monmouth County. Owned and operated by professionals and experts, USA Ballroom provides top-notch dance instruction to students of all ages and abilities in a fun, safe, and supportive environment.

Regardless of skill level, and with or without a partner, USA Ballroom will have you dancing in no time! Contact us today!

Introductory Special
Break in your dancing shoes with two introductory classes.

Wedding Consultation
Make your special day memorable with stunning dances for your wedding party.

Gift Certificates
Give the gift of dance! Gift Certificates available for purchase.

USA Ballroom!
“Building dance communities one step at a time.”

Our home studio is Monmouth County ONLY social dance studio-conveniently located in Monmouth County, NJ. Co-owner and instructor of USA Ballroom, is Monmouth County’s original couples dance instructor, teaching longer than any other instructor in the area. Certified in American and International styles of ballroom, authentic Latin, Country Western, and multiple styles of swing including the Carolina Shag, they can teach you any dance you’d like to learn. They have trained many of the local dance instructors including USA Ballroom’ co-owner.

Mission: To share the joy of social dancing through top-notch instruction and competitive prices in a private, safe, fun, and accepting atmosphere.

Group Classes
Learn a variety of dances in a group setting. This is a fun and easy way to be introduced to patterns, concepts, and fundamentals of good dancing habits whilst meeting and dancing with other like-minded dancers.

Private Lessons
With personalized one-on-one instruction to meet your goals, students progress faster and can focus on their favorite dances and/or techniques.

Wedding Dances and Special Event Preparation
Are you engaged or attending a special event like a Quinceañera? We offer personalized dance lessons for your special day.

If your middle name isn’t fancy feet then you have come to the right place! Take a look around our site and sign up for an introductory lesson to learn more. You can walk on in…and then dance on out!

Dance Lessons for Everyone
No matter your age, it is never too early or late to learn to dance. No partner or experience is needed, so get started on dance lessons today!

Wedding Dance Lessons
Give your guests something to talk about with a show stopping first dance. We also offer dance lessons for the wedding party and family. Start on your first dance of forever right now!

USA Ballroom Blog
When we aren’t dancing at the dance center, you can find us dancing elsewhere! Check out our recent dance center events, dance advice, students of the month and much more with our blog posts!

Why Ballroom?
Individuals of all ages can benefit from dancing! Stay tuned for a new website page that lists the many physical, mental, emotional and social benefits that ballroom dancing has to offer!

What are you waiting for? You can dance right now!
Get Started Today

USA Ballroom Dance Centers are Monmouth County premier location for ballroom dance lessons. At USA Ballroom Dance Centers, if your middle name isn’t fancy feet then you have come to the right place! With a legacy of more than 100 years, we have extensively developed the USA Ballroom teaching method and through individual lessons, group classes and many opportunities to practice, you can trust that you have chosen the best in the business. We offer instruction in just about every dance under the sun, including waltz, rumba, cha-cha, swing, salsa, tango and many, many more.

A School for the Art of Dance

USA Ballroom on Monmouth County is a school for the arts. We offer group instruction in the dance arts: ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, lyrical, modern, hip hop, and musical theater dance. The professionals established USA Ballroom in Monmouth County. All of the dancers who train at USA Ballroom gain poise and self-confidence that will help them to be successful in all their future endeavors. Our owner is a member of Dance Masters of America and the South Texas Association of Dance Teachers, Inc. Miss Teen Dance of Texas 2014, Miss Dance of Texas 2015, Mr. Teen Dance of Texas 2016 and Miss Dance of Texas 2017 are students from USA Ballroom.

At USA Ballroom, we have quality instructors and believe that every child should be challenged and encouraged to achieve his/her goals. We have a ballet-based studio with emphasis on classical ballet and positive reinforcement. We want our dancers to have fun while learning in a structured nurturing environment.

Our staff of highly qualified instructors is dedicated to helping young people achieve the maximum of their abilities. Positive re-enforcement encourages students to work to achieve their highest potential.

Benefits of Dance Training – Dance provides physical and mental exercise for all ages. It helps students develop confidence in their ability to perform in class and on the stage. This confidence will come through in other areas as students are asked to “perform” in school and other activities.

Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

USA Ballroom has unique instructor who can be passionate one minute and playful the next! Always seeking to help his student improve, he manages to provide exactly the right mix of work and play to make every lesson both productive and enjoyable.
– Linda F.

Welcome to USA Ballroom

Located in Monmouth County, USA Ballroom has been providing professional dance instruction to students of all ages and abilities since many great years. We offer a variety of recreational classes and competitive classes, to ensure that each has child the opportunity to develop a well-rounded performing arts education. Available classes include TAP, JAZZ, HIP HOP, CONTEMPORARY, LYRICAL and BALLET and more.

USA Ballroom’s experienced staff promotes discipline, creativity and self-confidence by teaching the art of movement. Students are encouraged to perform with grace and confidence, and to grow as a performer and an individual.

Thank you for your interest in USA Ballroom! For questions about our studio, or for class placement assistance for your child, please contact us today.

Registration is open! Explore our website to view our schedule and register for classes.

Register today!

Does your 3-7 year old love dancing, crafts, music, and fairytails? Join us this summer at summer camp! For all beginner dancers.

Join us for the Momentum Dance Convention at Monmouth County Performing Arts Center! This convention brings top choreographers to the area for a day jam packed full of dance! The convention is open for all dancers mini, junior, teen, and senior level.

The mission of USA Ballroom, a non-profit corporation, is to promote & support the art of dance through professional and creative instruction, choreography and performance.

USA Ballroom strives to provide a safe and fun learning environment that stimulates students to achieve their personal best. At USA Ballroom not only will you find quality dance instruction but also a deeper passion and appreciation for the Arts. With multiple options for classes and programs, USA Ballroom offers dance to all levels of children and learning abilities.


Learn more about our Dancers program and how we welcome people of all ages & abilites!

Learn more about our Competitive Dance teams!

Learn more about our recreational class! We have classes for all levels, beginner through experienced!

Take a look at our important dates and calendar to see what we’re up to!

“The instructors at USA Ballroom are Top Notch! Their abilities to create winning choreography are beyond measure!”

“I danced at USA Ballroom for years – so fun, welcoming, creative, and positive always! Just got to help out at the winter recital and I miss it all so much! Great place to dance and have fun 😊 Awesome instructors, classes, and atmosphere!”

“I couldn’t love this place more! The treatment I get from the dancers and the instructors is TOP notch & I love spending almost everyday here. I wouldn’t want it any other way & I encourage anyone wanting to dance to join the USA Ballroom family!”

“My daughter has danced at USA Ballroom for the last eight years. We have had nothing but a fantastic experience. All of the instructors are great and have done an exceptional job of sharing their love of dance with my daughter. We plan to stay with USA Ballroom as long as my daughter dances!”

USA Ballroom
A dance studio dedicated to the partner-dancing styles of Ballroom, Latin, Country, and Swing.
No partner? No problem!

Welcome To
USA Ballroom
Beginner to Competitor
A premiere dance studio for all dance levels.

Dances We Offer:
Viennese Waltz

Paso Doble
Argentine Tango

Two Step
Triple Two
Nightclub Two Step

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Line Dance

East Coast
West Coast

Ballet and Dance Classes for Toddlers, Children, Teens & Adults
Enroll Now! Call Us Today! (732) 933-1300

For over many great years the USA Ballroom in Monmouth County has been the dance studio chosen by parents and adult students who want the best professional dance education available for their children and themselves. We offer ballet and dance classes for all ages in a creative, joyful and positive learning environment.

Our ballet classes for young children are known for their fun atmosphere, creativity, and age appropriate music and content. We offer Teen/Adult ballet classes to those seeking the physical exercise and health benefits that ballet provides. The USA Ballroom curriculum offers the structure of class levels necessary for those pursuing a collegiate or professional career in ballet and other dance forms.

Our teachers share their passion and love for ballet and dance with every student. Our goal is to help every student successfully master and appreciate the art and craft of classical ballet; learn dance and performance skills and techniques; and discover ballet class etiquette. All Students learn life lessons, respect and courtesy toward all, and pride in one’s work – resulting in poise and confidence that last a lifetime.

It’s time to enroll yourself or your child! Call (732) 933-1300 Today!

USA Ballroom has provided professional quality dance instruction for ages 2 through adult in the heart of Monmouth County. The studio has a well-established and award-winning competitive dance team and an amazing range of classes for all levels.

We offer dance instruction in pre-school, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Body Toning, Stretch + Flex/Leaps + Turns, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Musical Theater, and Yoga. There is something for everyone at USA Ballroom, including adult-only classes for every level of dance experience!

​Contact the studio for more information regarding classes, studio rentals, private lessons, choreography, or flash mobs!

The only “NON-CONTRACT” studio in town

In spite of your age – may it be 10, 20, 30, 40, or 70 – or perhaps more, you will always be happy, feel trim, physically well, active and very much alive.

The mental and physical benefits derived from dancing are so numerous that it would be impossible to list them all. Apart from the thrill and pride of accomplishment gained from the knowledge that you can do something well – and you can become a good dancer – just imagine and reflect on these benefits:

Physical, Social, Fun way to exercise, Reduces stress, Meet new friends & Express yourself.

USA Ballroom offers professional dance instruction in Ballroom, Latin, Swing, and Country & Western Dance. We offer group and private lessons with daytime and evening classes to fit your schedule.

Dance Lessons for Singles & Couples. No partner needed.
USA Ballroom instructors are specially trained and certified and can put you in touch with today’s most popular dances to make you a comfortable social dancer or a competitive hobby dancer. The choice is yours and we’ll help you achieve it because each lesson is taught step-by-step at your own pace. Over 40 million students taught worldwide.

Dance Lesson Gift Certificates
Any occasion is the perfect occasion to give the gift of dancing to your friends and family. USA Ballroom is guaranteed to have the right gift certificates that are designed to treat the recipients to the world of Ballroom & Latin Dancing.

Wedding Dance Lessons
It is our experience that every couple has different needs, preferences and time schedules but everyone has the ability to be a good dancer with enough time. Wouldn’t it be great to have the romance of dancing for the rest of your lives together! We can put something together that is uniquely yours.

Wedding Dance Lessons is part of the USA Ballroom program, located at Monmouth County.

We offer group classes for ballroom, Latin, swing and social dances. No Partner Required! We hope you’ll find the class, workshop, or event that motivates you to dance.
Summer Classes are registering now!



Classes at USA Ballroom are based on sound technique and solid fundamentals in a positive and encouraging atmosphere. In our program, students will not only learn proper dance technique, they will also be presented an age appropriate knowledge of traditional dance terminology as well as dance history. Our goal is to impart a greater awareness of the art and culture as well as a love for movement.

At USA Ballroom, we want to make sure each student is given THE BEST possible dance experience, and that each student feels welcomed to learn the art of dance and grow their talent individually. The studio is a family friendly environment, and strives to be a highlight in the community, providing positive role models for children.


Oh, how time flies! It’s hard to believe that we first opened our doors to students years ago. We want to thank all the students and their families that have helped make USA Ballroom such a special place for dance. To all of our new students, and to those returning, we look forward to celebrating our new season with you!

Ballroom & Latin Dance Instruction

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can ~ USA Ballroom

Group Lessons
In a fun, social group environment, students learn patterns and techniques for many different ballrooms and latin dances. Group lessons are taught at Monmouth County, NJ.

Private Lessons
For more individualized attention, couples can take private lessons to work on any area of dancing where they would like some extra help. Private lessons help couples learn at a faster rate.

Wedding Dance Choreography
Looking for a special dance for a bride and groom, father and daughter, or mother and son? We offer private lessons to choreograph and teach a dance that will create a memory that will last a lifetime.

Special Interview with
USA Ballroom
USA Ballroom is the reigning U.S. Open swing dance champions. To earn the title, they had to outperform couples from around the world. They make it look easy. But, it took them decades of dancing on different stages before they found chemistry together.

Are you thinking about taking dance lessons? With popular television shows like “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing With The Stars”, there is a noticeable increase of people signing up for group dance classes and private dance lessons.

If you live or work in the East Bay area and are considering exploring the world of Ballroom dancing, Latin dancing, Swing dancing, and Country dancing, you have come to the right place. Master dance instructor, is well versed in all social dances and has received multiple “Top Teacher” awards at various dance competitions.

What is your reason for learning to dance?
Your wedding day is approaching and you don’t want to embarrass yourself.
You attend social functions only to miss out on the fun.
You are transitioning in your life and you’d like to get out and meet new people.
You would like to introduce your children to ballroom dancing or other social dance.
You are looking for a fun method of exercise.
You want to expand your mental health and reduce the chances of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Whatever your reason for dancing, we will focus on making sure that you are taught dance patterns that are easy and comfortable for you to learn, while looking fun and exciting on the dance floor. Our professional is a Master dancer with plenty of trophies and credentials, but he shines as an experienced, calming presence with a knack for explaining body mechanics and technique in plain English.

We teaches dance lessons at Monmouth County, NJ

Contact USA Ballroom today at (732) 933-1300 or usaballroomnj@gmail.com to schedule your next dance class, a private dance lesson, or for a free ½ hour introductory wedding dance lesson.

Start dancing today! USA Ballroom gladly accepts cash and personal checks. All lesson rates are “pay as you go”, meaning there are no contracts to sign or “membership” fees.

Class Descriptions
We offer classes and workshops in many styles – Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Rumba, Cha Cha, Shag, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Quickstep, Viennese Waltz, and more!
SALSA & BACHATA: 45 minute sessions. LA-style salsa (on1). Choose between Beginner and Int/Adv options. NO registration required!

BEGINNER BALLROOM SAMPLER. Are you ready to try out ballroom dancing for the first time? Know a few basics but want to hone your technical skills? Our sampler class will help you learn a new dance, rotating styles every month. The beginning of the month is the best time to drop in! No prior dance experience needed, and no partner required!

INTERMEDIATE BALLROOM. Technique, style, vocabulary and musicality. Knowledge of the basics of both smooth and rhythm styles required. Prerequisite: a minimum of one year of ballroom sampler or equivalent training.

ADVANCED BALLROOM. By prior permission only. Email usaballroomnj@gmail.com to attend. Prerequisite: A minimum of two years of instruction.

WORKSHOPS. Can’t make it on a weekly basis? Don’t forget about our monthly workshops. Check out the Upcoming Events page for the latest info!

Email usaballroomnj@gmail.com with questions about class content and levels.